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I uploaded this after I used it in my classroom, and can say that it is a successful set of lessons that will take you through each step of the writing process without having to create or plan anything. It is all done for you!

This unit follows the Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop format planning and includes each day’s objective, the lesson breakdown, and ALL MATERIALS that you will need.


1. 36 pages of lessons, Teacher Model sheets, activity sheets, anchor charts, and graphic organizers
2. An introduction to the unit/genre
3. To implement grammar, I included a lesson and Anchor Chart to help teach the use of commas before the words ‘and’, ‘but’, and ‘or’
4. Teacher example work so you do not have to prepare your own
5. Options for differentiating independent writing
6. Partner Conferencing Forms
7. Anchor Chart to help teach writing a lead
8. Anchor Chart to help teach the use of transition words
9. Rubric with space for Teacher Response and Student Response

This is 35+ pages of a 15 lesson essay writing service Workshop UNIT which reflects the structure of Lucy Calkins’ Writers’ Workshop format planning. This unit teaches students, grades 3-5, how to write a Historical Fiction picture book. This unit takes the teacher through the writing process from Brainstorm to Publish with ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED!

You will find:
1. 15 Lessons with suggested Mentor Texts
2. Teacher examples of writing for the “Model” portion of the lessons (Includes an entire historical fiction story that takes place in California after WWII, focusing on the treatment of Japanese-Americans during that time)
3. Teacher examples of revision and editing strategies
4. Anchor Charts
5. 3 Partner Checklists for students during their partner conferences
6. Publishing paper
7. Rubric for the assessment

essay writing service free Students choose a subject for their magazine and write:

1. An Interview Article
2. An Editorial Article
3. An Informational Article

ALL MATERIALS included so that you can just simply PRINT & TEACH:

23 Easy-to-Follow Lesson Plans
Anchor Charts
Teacher Writing Examples for the Model Portion of the Lesson
Student Activity Sheets (to guide partner conversations and accountability)

Introducing poetry can be a difficult task! Use my scripted lessons with all materials included to help guide your students to write poetry.

The Introduction to Poetry lesson comes with 6 Poetry Posters (adapted from Georgia Heard’s Awaken the Heart), a suggested script, and 2 poems that support the lesson.

The following 5 lessons teach:
1. Amazing Language which teaches students to notice poetic language in regular picture books
2. Discovery Writing which teaches students to describe everyday objects with poetic language
3. Recognizing and Using Metaphor and Simile
4. Recognizing and Using Rhythm, Rhyme and Alliteration
5. Using Personification and Onomatopoeia