Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

If you never found it necessary to clean your room at home, you may not have noticed that your parents tried to keep things from piling up and kept your room reasonably accessible.

Now you are living with one or more other slobs and you suddenly have no idea what you are supposed to do to keep your room presentable on an ongoing basis or to get it into reasonable condition for parents’ weekend or a group of friends who are planning to visit over the weekend.

For a quick clean-up – you just have to make your bed, Dorm rooms have to make your bed (or at least smooth out the covers and pillow so it looks like you made the bed), throw away the garbage lying around the room, and get the dirty clothes off the floor and into a laundry basket or closet.

Find a box or a plastic storage container and throw all the loose items in the box and shove it under your bunk or in the closet. Grab a Windex or all purpose spray cleaner and wipe the bathroom sink, desk tops and TV or computer screens to get rid of dust and dirt.

If you have a vacuum cleaner or dust buster, use that to vacuum the floor (you don’t have to do the corners – just attack the parts you can see).

For a more thorough cleaning – make your bed, and get yourself organized so that your papers are filed and put away where you can find them and you have a system you can use to file future paperwork. Put pencils, pens, software and adaptors and cords in a desk drawer in some organized fashion.

Wash dishes and put them away in a closet where they can be stored whenever you are not using them. Use an all-purpose cleaner to wash counter tops, desk surfaces and bathroom sinks etc. Throw away leftovers and trash. Get a rag or cloth and dust your TV, computer and desk to get rid of collected dust. Sweep, vacuum or mop your floor (depending on the surface).

Shake our rugs to get rid of dust. Organize the food supply you have and arrange your clothing so that it is neatly stored in your closet. Pick up all dirty clothes and do a load of laundry. Then put the clothes away where they belong! If you share a bathroom, you can alternate each weekend or on a particular day of the week, so that you clean the bathroom one week and your roommate cleans it the next week. That way it will never get so disgusting that no one wants to have to tackle the chore! Get a box or plastic container to store your cleaning supplies, rags, sponges etc. Wash your sponges and rags after you use them so that they do not smell.

Now that you know that cleaning won’t kill you, you might try it more often!